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‘Made today, Gone today”. That is the confident claim of Pret a’ Manger’s restaurant chain; which has the symbol of the ‘lone red star’. Pret a Manger, is French for: prepared or/made to eat. You don’t need to speak french though, to enjoy the tasty freshly made and healthy salads and sandwiches which is prepared right there on the premises. The store design is spacious and airy making you feel free to sit around and enjoy your ‘just-now-made’ food or bounce out knowing that what you are about to enjoy is clean and healthy.

The staff at the East 42nd Street store are efficient and friendly. That must have been because the Manager on duty the day we visited was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and professional. We watched as he interacted with his staff and customers with respect and care. having caught our attention with the ‘extra-mile’ customer comes first service, we had to ask him his name for this article. Hubert it was, short and simple.

The featured Pret a’ Manger is Located at 11 West 42nd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue.


Slow cooked vegetables, and tender juicy meat, seasoned with Moroccan spices;  that is couscous prepared the traditional Moroccan way. These and more exotic delicacies, can be enjoyed at the traditional Halal and Moroccan grill: Bab Marrakech.

This must be Hells Kitchen’s best kept secret on Tenth Avenue. The fruit is freshly made and very tasty, and it comes with huge and generous helpings to say the least. This probably explains its steady stream of frequent and faithful customers. Though you might have to budget a little more wait time for your food; the savory and clean cooked dishes, will certainly not disappoint. A huge thanks to Chef Jamal who works so tirelessly and diligently  behind the scene. And of course one of a kind service provider Maoulougi who was quite the professional. Thanks guys we had a great time at the Marrakech.

The Bab Marrakech restaurant is conveniently located at 610 10th Avenue (between 47th and 48th Street). Give it a try and you will keep coming back!

Our next feature is the Starbucks at The World Wide Plaza. Right around the corner of 8th Avenue and 49th Street.  It is more spacious than most and quite clean.  Frequently bombarded with a steady stream of the usual customers, it is laptop docking galore at this location. But we still love it.

Our feature employee, who might have just been promoted (why not?) is Felix. Friendly from the moment you walk in the door and get to your turn in line. We strongly believe, that Felix was born with a smile on his face (because it is constantly there).

He makes your drink just the way you like it, and if you don’t he remakes it (he knows the customer comes first). His suggestions of new drinks to try often end up being your new favorite drink! Now he has got us hooked on the “Apple Cider’ …

We gave Head Office a hint, the guy is doing his fair share and some.

Keep smiling and keep working Felix, we like having you at the Plaza!


This blog site is for the recognition of those who serve whole heartedly and are kind in whatever it is they do. They take customer service to a whole new level, or perhaps to the level it was supposed to be in in the first place. These stories are my personal experiences and it is my way of saying thank you and blessing the various participants; in their respective careers, businesses or endeavors.

My first installment is the ‘Metro Cafe‘ on 42nd Street (18 East/precisely), it is right between Fifth and Madison Avenue.  It has a hands on Manager and Supervisor, who know exactly how to keep their customers coming back.

I went in yesterday to fix a little mishap from the previous day. As I fumbled and fidgeted with my purse, they got ready to fix whatever, I mean whatever ailed me. They could have just fixed the mishap and let me go, or argued with me till the month of December rolled in.  But they went a little further than I expected.  They offered me a full course meal on the house.  Take whatever you want…on the house. Phew! I feel like I was at a buffet. A day later I am still full and fed. I stopped by again today, to take care of my business and got to meet the lady in charge of catering. She was as pleasant as she was professional. And one more sample later, I am definitely overflowing with good food. I need to run a marathon this evening, That is about the only way I can even begin to digest all this food!

Four thumbs up for this Cafe.  Me ‘likes’ them a lot.  The facility is neat and very clean and there are adequate staff around taking care of business. The food is ‘delicioso’ and there is ample selection for every known preference. From the vegetarian, to the health nut, to the very hungry bear, there is something for everyone at Cafe Metro.

Thank you very much Manager, you are a real cool person.  Keep up the good work, and we will keep coming back.

PS: The Smoked Turkey with vegetable and avocado wrap was excellent and of finger licking quality. Thanks Michele.

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