A forum of gratitude and appreciation for people who serve nicely and are kind.

‘Couscous’ Country

Slow cooked vegetables, and tender juicy meat, seasoned with Moroccan spices;  that is couscous prepared the traditional Moroccan way. These and more exotic delicacies, can be enjoyed at the traditional Halal and Moroccan grill: Bab Marrakech.

This must be Hells Kitchen’s best kept secret on Tenth Avenue. The fruit is freshly made and very tasty, and it comes with huge and generous helpings to say the least. This probably explains its steady stream of frequent and faithful customers. Though you might have to budget a little more wait time for your food; the savory and clean cooked dishes, will certainly not disappoint. A huge thanks to Chef Jamal who works so tirelessly and diligently  behind the scene. And of course one of a kind service provider Maoulougi who was quite the professional. Thanks guys we had a great time at the Marrakech.

The Bab Marrakech restaurant is conveniently located at 610 10th Avenue (between 47th and 48th Street). Give it a try and you will keep coming back!


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